Your favourite unusual/'secret' places in London?

Your favourite unusual/'secret' places in London?


>I love exploring the more 'hidden' side of London, ie what most tourists would miss etc. # >My favourite spots are St. Dunstan in the East, Neal's Yard, Kyoto Garden and the Hill Garden & Pergola These are all hugely popular spots that you'd find in any London tourist guide. Also, look in the wiki: https://www.reddit.com/r/london/wiki/secretlondon


No I don't think they are hugely well known at all, like I'm talking compared to stuff like Tower Bridge/the Shard etc. I guess what you call 'popular' always depends on where you place the threshold.


Nice try, Metro


Watford High Street


Chessington World of Adventures.


It's not really secret, but all of Regent's Canal (to the East of Angel - I don't like the West stretch as much!). People seem to be split into those who are there regularly, and those who have never heard of it whatsover. Just nice to have some green space, running water, quirky houseboats and places to get coffee and cake - 90% of it is invisible from the road so I assume a lot of people never realise it is there.


I love it but the cyclists are a bit too much


Neal's Yard isn't a secret. In normal times you can't move for tourists if you go there.


As if I’m gonna tell any of you lot!




>As if I’m gonna tell any of you lot! Totally. There's a spot near me which is quite nice, but it's quite nice because it's only used by people who live nearby.


LOL why would you put your secret place,on a public social media page... If you do put it up, It might be packed next time you go there


The Sky Garden...haven't actually been yet, but it's on my list of to do's. Looks amazing. :) The Chelsea Physic Garden...used to go there a lot as a kid/teenager to sketch, as school was very near. I like gardens :)


I don't mind commenting on the Sky Garden, because that's not a secret at all. :) It's definitely worth visiting once. Went with a fellow Londoner and we were both shocked by how difficult it was for us to get our bearings when trying to identify bits of London from high up. "I live... over there, maybe?" "No, you live... there? Or there?" Cue much doubtful hand waving and embarrassment. The views are great and the garden bit is quite nice too. We weren't chased out after our slot ended, we left when we were ready.


I love all kinds of garden too! The Chelsea Physic Garden..haven't even heard of it,will have to look it up!


It's one of the oldest botanical Gardens in London...I used to love walking around it. Its got a lot of history attached to it too. It's what inspired me to train in landscape gardening when I left school :) You'll love it if you like gardens...


Nice, sounds interesting!


Postman's Park, near the Museum of London. The Kew Bridge Water and Steam Museum. St Christopher's Place for a nice drink or meal away from the hustle of Oxford St


Nice! I like St Christopher's Place too!


[Stompie Garden](https://twitter.com/stompiegarden)