i don’t know what i did wrong but nothing worked... it’s been a long time since i started this but i give up.

i don’t know what i did wrong but nothing worked... it’s been a long time since i started this but i give up.


Then get ready to manifest. The real key to manifestation is "letting it go" but I feel most people misinterpret that. You don't "let go" of the vision of the house you want to attract. But you also don't aim AT it. Not directly at least. For me to get my house there's steps to follow, a year through school, career change in another year, and my investments must stay wise. If I was JUST focusing on that beautiful brick house I want in TX or FL id never get it. That is the goal, and the manifestation that will come, once I put in my hardwork and steps. Why LoA is rough if you don't learn from people like Bob Proctor. LoA is basically a way of condensing and organizing your thoughts, planning action and then allowing a little wiggle room in those plans for nature/The Universe


Hey buddy I'm so sorry LoA hasn't been working for you. I hope you're okay. And if LoA makes you upset by all means don't bother with it. I wish you the best and don't let anyone toxic make you feel judged for leaving the community!


Maybe thr law of attraction isnt for you Try the law of assumption I recommend this video https://youtu.be/y6PSeV1rd_g


LOA is thankfully or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, like gravity. Its always working whether you believe in it or not. We are always manifesting. The question is whether we are creating a new future or recreating the past in the future and therefore staying stuck. it's not about just thinking positive thoughts, saying affirmations, putting crystals in our bras, and drinking alignment tea. It's about who we become. Its about excavating old ways of thinking and being. its about healing our traumas, connecting to your inner child(ren), feeling good and then following our inner guidance. Its about determining what are dominant negative emotions are and knowing that our dominant negative emotions are the gateways to the network of limiting beliefs we have been carrying since childhood. LOA responds to the wholeness of who we are. Our conscious and subconscious mind. So working on our subconscious programming is the best bet to getting into alignment and raising our vibration.


Don't worry, we can sort this out right quick. Well, bring us up to speed. 1. What have you read from [The Material](https://www.reddit.com/r/lawofattraction/comments/ed9j3l/law_of_attraction_where_to_start_a_review_of_all/)? 2. What was the intention that you set. The exact wording, please. 3. What did your daily process look like to [get you in alignment with your intention/desires](https://www.reddit.com/r/lawofattraction/comments/fdd054/how_to_get_in_alignment_with_your/)? 4. Which specific [tools](https://www.reddit.com/r/lawofattraction/comments/hefi9b/master_list_of_loa_tools_processes_protocols/) did the Universe give to you to help lessen your specific resistance. 5. What actions the Universe inspired you to take? 6. And lastly, [Do you trust the Universe](https://www.reddit.com/r/lawofattraction/comments/gdpgh4/when_badunwanted_things_happen_you_have_to_trust/)?