The force was too much

The force was too much

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Well I'll just get this out of your way for you.


No hesitation, just up and grabbed it


This mans life has been spent in customer service lol


Ain’t the first stool


Ain't her first time either, she's just playing shy.


oh lawd she comin get the stools


What was he supposed to do? Bust out the toolkit?


Nope, the stool kit.


I don't like your username dad


Joking aside that was smart, get the evidence out of there so she doesn’t have to be embarrassed by more people seeing what happened


like a first responder zipping up the dead body damn


Well yeah? It’s a tripping hazard


"So, one Aa§vj¤¤d stool; will there be anything else?"




That could have ended much worse.


For real! Like being impaled….


In the ass.


Frank Costanza flashbacks


A million to one, doc... a million to one.


Why did he have to use *corkscrew* pasta?


You're the assman


Fusilli Jerry!


Will someone please call all the ambulances?


This comment is streets ahead.


Vlad the Impaler approves. Keep those Turks out of Europe.


Vlad would of approved


I was worried she would fall and hurt her back. Glad to see she hadn't full sat down. My lower back was sympathizing before I clicked the video.


First time? Nahhh


Remember school desks when you were in middle/high school? They had that bar that connected the desktop to the chair? I was in class when a very large boy sat in one and crumpled the chair's legs and that side bar with it. Whole thing closed on him like a mousetrap or a vise under his weight, pinning him. Took several school staff to lift him up so they could extract him. Man, talk about embarrassing.


Nooo not the mousetrap


Yeah, he got super pinched, and physics was working against him badly. His weight (easily 300 pounds) forced it to stay clamped into him like scissors, and due to the angle he was stuck, impossible to stand up without help. I will never forget it.


Poor kid. He probably was hoping nobody would remember but you apparently never forgot


I'd wager everyone, school staff included, ever forgot that moments, and this was in like 1997/1998


Yeah that’s embarrassing


It’s the way she shifted her weight from side to side that broke it.


I’m pretty sure it went into self destruct mode when it sensed her presence.


"I don't get paid enough for this"


Your comment made me laugh so much...I'm dying.


I’m glad I gave you a chuckle.


You’ve just killed someone and you’re “glad”?


Well, there are worse ways to go. The chair provided a great example


I am and I’m tired of pretending I’m not


I’m sorry to hear that, but hey glad to know you’re happy in your final moments


Oh yes that was definitely the *largest* factor here


yeah but in fairness, it seemed pretty rickety to begin with.


Normal weight person could do that too and the chair wouldn’t break heh


If it's in the US then that is the normal weight if we're honest


My brother is a big guy, over 400# at times and 6' 2" tall, and because of that he would tend to plop the last few inches whenever he sit in a chair. Every time a chair would brake, he would get really mad at the chair.


Lmaooooooo it's like the people who rear end you and get mad at you for it. "Why did you stop at a crosswalk with pedestrians in it and let me hit you doing 60 km/h?????"


“Will you come look at my damage, sir? FEEL THIS! IT EVEN *FEELS* DAMAGED!!”


Wow, a rare Dane Cook quote, out in the wild. It's a beautiful sight.


Had a friend who’s been rear-ended three times at yield signs All of them make the same argument “Yield doesn’t mean stop“ But he didn’t even “stop” , he just, actually slowed down a lil bit


It also means you have to stop if there is traffic to yield to, so they should have been prepared to stop anyway.


"yield means I can rear end you for being too slow".


Or rear end somebody for stopping on an orange instead of gunning it and risking running a red. That shit is infuriating.


An orange???


Some countries have a orange light instead of yellow for slow down.


Fat people have shitty knees, it’s a double whammy for seating. Literally.


Uhu, I used to be fat and one time I was sitting on a foldable chair and it just collapsed. Even though I was with really close friends who accepted me for who I was, it's still one of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me.


When I was in high school this kid that’s massive just all around broke a chair, he spent the rest of that class period sitting in the floor, didn’t even move when it broke. No one laughed fortunately for him, which was surprising to me.


Could be worse. She could have fallen or impaled with the chair legs.


Oooof, I still remember in middle school, a girl slightly less heavy as this woman but still very tall and cry over weight, having this happen to her in front of the entire class. The stool was old and made of wicker, it didn’t stand a chance. Everyone laughed crazy hard. I felt so bad for her I think I just put my head on the desk and didn’t try to look at the aftermath. I hate this kind of stuff.


Yeah I've broken something similar and I'm 130. I hate those things. Shit I somehow broke a plastic chair a few months back. Like the lawn type and it was like WTF? How did my skinny ass break it. When I worked at a restaurant I had to get a special chair for some. One complained and we had to tell her the chair only supported so much weight. She was over 300 for sure, and it was a risk. Now that is also embarrassing.


> Like the lawn type and it was like WTF? How did my skinny ass break it. The plastic weakens from UV light and gets brittle, then breaks easily.


The lawn chair was likely brittle from the sun


I've had to leave restaurants with my mum before now because, just as they were about to seat us, we realised she couldn't fit in the chair. It's heartbreaking to see her doing this to herself.


Worked at Olive Garden in college. They have special extra wide chairs they call “Larry chairs”. I think one of the founders was a big guy named Larry. We’d have to call for a Larry chair whenever a sumo wrestler sized person was in a party and then strategically direct that person to the right chair when seating the party.


Nothing worse than a morbidly obese person who can't accept they're obese or is in denial / lacking the awareness to figure this shit out for themselves. If a toddler can figure out which shapes will and won't fit through certain spaces, your fat as can sure as shit realise when a seat won't fit you.


Or when one of the 6 is obviously much wider than the rest and clearly intended for your megalithic ass.


Yeah I remember being aghast the first time. It was a busy night and told to bring up like this huge chair from the basement and the restaurant was full. Safety was always the concern. Customers were judging both of us. I said I am so sorry.


At my heaviest I was 300. I can remember not being allowed on a zip line for obvious weight restrictions. That was the last straw. Dropped to 220 and hopefully on the way to 200. Is Americans are given the WORST nutrition education in the world.


Good shit my man, and pat your back. For sure I have always been underweight and cannot gain it. Especially now since I'm sick, and lost my appetite so I'm losing everything I did gain. Keep it up buddy.


130 kilos?


To be fair, that chair looked a bit janky to begin with










There was a time in my life where this was a real fear and possibility. Even now, nearly two hundred pounds lighter than my heaviest, I'm dubious of sitting in plastic chairs. Edit: specific weight comparison rather than being vague and possibly misleading.


She must have felt so embarrassed.


I mean if she wasn't embarrassed when it happened she's certainly feeling embarrassed seeing it posted online.


And this was posted from a business security cameras just to ridicule her


Now I'm sad. Hope she does well and gets healthier


At the end of the day, the Obesity epidemic (and it’s corollary amputation epidemic from lack of affordable healthcare) is extremely fucking sad. It’s all for profit too, manufacturing garbage food for poor people and getting rich as the nation suffers.


That and people don't know how to take care of themselves. You'd think that schools teach proper nutrition, but all they teach is "food pyramids" with fucking **pizza and cheeseburgers** and not fruits, vegetables, and *some* meat.


Eh.. I think this is outdated. I’m an elementary teacher and in our health curriculum we teach basic nutrition, CICO, the basics of macronutrients (what they are and what they generally do), satiety and portion control, etc. Unfortunately, it’s not the kids who make the diet choices in their household so there’s a significant delay in practical change. I’ve been teaching for around 10 years with this method being pretty standard, but that means that those students I taught at the start are just now beginning to reach the stages in their life where they have more control over their diets. Social changes are super slow.


Yeah except the only food they offer for school lunch is junk food. Pizza, burgers, tacos (my school had "walking tacos" which was a bag of Doritos with taco meat and cheese over it), sub sandwich, fried chicken sandwich, etc. Would come with one tiny baggy of fry cut veggies. Even if the calories of that particular food was low because they had engineered it to just be shitty tasting diet versions of fast food, it's still complete junk and more importantly doesn't expose or teach kids that there is more food out there than junk food. Is it any wonder most people eat fast food at least a couple times a week?


Relax. Pizza is a totally legitimate vegetable.


You should see my garden right now - The pizza tree is doing great as always, but my cheeseburger bushes are on fleek!


The food guide pyramid in elementary school was my first encounter with a pyramid scheme.


Michelle Obama got labeled a communist for trying to get healthier food into public schools.


Dumb Americans want to die from obesity and covid


Okay, but look at the *availability* of said foods vs. unhealthy foods. You can desire to make all the smart decisions, but when what is being pushed is unhealthy and there are laws that enable it, personal responsibility is a cover corporations use to continue to push food that is both addictive and unhealthy, unloading the costs to the consumer and state.


My school had potato chips vending machines that taught me an "eat when sad" rhythm I'm still struggling to get rid of. And I'm not even obese, just overweight (I have my height and me being active working to my advantage), I often think of how little a difference could've made it much worse for me.


It helps me to think of food as fuel, and to be mindful if I'm using food to cope. Mindfulness is helpful in all areas of life, not just meditation. A problem I've noticed is sometimes people can't identify a feeling and instead of doing that, they comfort themselves in another way. My husband and kids do this. So what we've found helps is an emotions chart. It sounds stupid for my 40 year old husband to need an emotions chart...but emotions can be hard! For example, you said eat when sad. Sad is an umbrella for a lot of emotions. Why are you sad? Are you lonely? Frustrated? Angry? Feeling let down? There are a lot of emotions you can be having when you say you feel "sad". Maybe this won't help at all, but this was kind of a revelation in our house the other day. If it does help, here's a chart for you! http://feelingswheel.com/


I agree with the sentiment, but the food pyramid idea and other stuff from that era is a bit wrong


I have been obese two separate times, first time was from being extremely depressed. I’m 5’9 and was 205lbs, got my weight down to 150 which was much more reasonable. Second time i became obese is now and it’s from being in a happy relationship lol. We both gained too much weight, I’m back up to 200lbs again but we are at the gym daily to both strive towards a healthier life style. It’s really hard to do, especially the diet aspect.


Yeah I wish this trend of posting videos and pix of strangers would end. It’s such a weird thing that people feel entitled to it


Really. I can’t believe someone posted that. Wonder if the owners know. I wouldn’t want to go wherever that is after seeing that.


Yeah it’s kind of shitty that the store employees would share or post this online.


And that people on Reddit are fat shaming and upvoting.... Reddit is filled with hypocrites.


Yeah, I'm pretty uncomfortable going through this thread as it seems to just be an opportunity to laugh at a fat person.




I was skinny most of my life. In my mid 20’s I was nearly hospitalised for being too underweight, despite eating five meals a day (anxiety is fun). My meds were changed and my weight exploded but I eat less now than I did then. It sucks. And I hate people telling me to eat less, because I now struggle to eat more than a meal a day, so what, I’m supposed to starve? I hate it. I’m a petite build with curves, even when skinny, but a small chest even now. No nice clothing fits, because it’s either too small in the waist, or too big in the bust. And of course that all affects my mental health. No matter what I do, I lose a few kg and then it jumps back on. I exercise, and I put weight on, like it just makes my body store more fat with more muscle. The pandemic did not help either. On top of that, I have gluten intolerance and my hyper mobility seems to be fucking my joints up. I did my Achilles in April standing still in wedges I wear semi regularly! Fat shaming sucks. It’s not always our fault, and we may be trying very hard, but psych medications are well known for weight gain, and not in the eating more way. I really don’t know what to do. If I didn’t have to worry about gluten, I’d be able to have a sandwich or toast more often, and maybe eat twice a day, but gluten free bread is terrible for sugar and oil. When I bake my own it’s more like a slice than bread, but at least the only sugar in it is to feed the yeast before it goes into the mix, without the oil. Sigh. Even my doctor doesn’t know what to do. He keeps trying though, and he listens, so maybe one day we’ll hit on what works best. Sadly I can’t change these meds, but at least my weight stopped going up when I switched to these.


Happened to a kid in my class when i was in middle school. He was really overweight and the chair legs just folded after sitting on it for about an hour. Only happened to him once but he was really embarrassed about it. No one laughed at him or made him feel like shit which was surprising since kids are ass holes lol


I was a pretty chubby kid growing up, and got made fun of for it, but for a few years there was a kid bigger than me. He had some posture problems so his parents and the school thought it'd be a great idea to get him an exercise ball to force him to sit up straight. Well the first ball must have been dollar store quality, didn't even make it through the first day. The next one was made for overweight people, and they bought a cover to help keep it from rolling freely when he got up. Well it took 2 or 3 days for the cover to give out, blew out a couple seams. This all happened in a class that was notorious for bullying, and using derogatory terms like the world depended on it, but not once did this kid get made fun of. You could see it on his face that he felt bad enough without outside help. He ended up moving away so I'm not sure what ever happened to him


What a saving grace. Thing like that would scar a young person.


Yeah, she looked paralyzed by the embarrassment for a bit.


I know, I feel bad for her


must be so embarrassing for her


Yeah, it's a good thing only that guy saw what happened. Imagine if the whole world saw it, that would make it a lot worse!


Yea! ....wait.... oh, shit.


At the very least she's wearing a mask. At least that's what I would be thinking of it were me




As a fellow fatty i can guarantee it is very embarassing. So much so, that i check on chairs in bars and restaraunts before going there if they seem "ok" for me. I get very anxious when i can't check beforehand and have no idea what the chair situation will be like at an establishment. I know it is my fault for being fat and i would never blame either the chair-builder nor the establishment for buying the chair obviously. (and yes, the solution to all my problems is to just get healthy and loose weight)


more like a wake-up call?


Let's be real. There have been incidences before...


As a lurker in /r/loseit (I lost 40lbs 6 years ago and staying subbed keeps me honest and reminds me why I did it!), stories about self-inflicted public embarrassment tend to have a stronger "wake-up call" effect on people. That and people expecting children and realizing they might not see them graduate high school at the rate they're going. Read a story about someone not fitting into a roller coaster and making everyone wait and then having to get out and walk past everyone in shame of their weight... was pretty rough. But if helped them realize they *had* to make a change in life. edit: this comment sparked some discussion about fat shaming. Please don't fat shame people. It does more harm than good. Have real conversations with people about their health and the changes they need to make. Quick, impersonal comments to strangers about their weight will NOT help them the majority of the time, its just cruel.


I never understood how people can become so fat, until I hurt my back permanently, gained weight, fell into depression, kept eating the same amount. 12kg / ~24 pounds up in my first two months. Now months after, I'm keeping the same weight, but gaining fat, losing muscle mass and gettimg even more depressed. I'll probably never be so fat though, but I can understand.


No obese person ever thought they would get that way.


Most obese people have had wake up calls, but addiction to food is for many harder to overcome than the desire to lose weight.


Naw, look at “My 600 lb life”. Those people have multiple wake up calls DURING the show. And they have a trained physician willing to help them being funded by the tv show and STILL the don’t follow the weight loss diet. It’s really really hard for fat people to get out of their own head when it comes to “wake up calls”


The level of embarrassment she felt at that moment only rivaled by when she discovered an employee took the security cam footage and posted it online.


Anything for those fake internet points...


Whats a real internet point






I'm a stern "take care of your health" person who dislikes when people let themselves go this much, but not exactly dislike the people themselves as I know we're not all the same and things happen and one shouldn't judge. If I was that employee I'd just apologize and say that the seat must have been unsturdy and that I forgot to check if all seats are in good condition, loud enough if there are people enough, I'd have laughed it off and tried to get on to business with the person as soon as possible, it's not like she's fat just to fuck with me, let's all move on and hope this was her cue to try and better herself. Last thing I'd have done is fucking put it online. Fuck people who kick those who are down, if you're not gonna help move out of the way.


My local phone place has a shitty chair that they warn people about when they have to tell them to take a seat, because they're reading a paper that says that and they can't get a new seat until the old one actually breaks. Right now no one sits in it, it's got one leg that is really wonky, and it's just a hazard.


Exactly, leave the fancy chairs made for you in your houses, places of business need to have sturdy and comfortable enough chairs, it helps against injuring or embarrassing your customers for no reason.


She’s probably going to think about it for a while but the guy pretended like it was nbd, which was more than anyone could have done in that situation. I would most likely have had a poor reaction.


"Hey don't worry, these chairs are not that great, could have happened to anyway. Now, about your computer . . ." //waits till she leaves, uploads security cam footage


To be fair to him, likely a management decision to upload the footage. (in my experience, plebs often have no access to the cam footage)


This happened to an obese teacher in our school. She needed a special chair to begin with and even that steel chair gave up one day. It's the designer type of chair with one massive pedestal and a big bowl on top. One day we heard a massive creaking sound like a ship that's running aground and saw her tilt to one side. Somehow folded that steel pedestal like it was paper. Word got round and people would stop by to see her special chair folded in half. She was obviously very embarrassed and had to go home because she couldn't fit in any other chairs She'd have to use specific doors to get around campus too as some doors were too narrow for her to fit through... what a nightmare


My coworker is very overweight, he wont go to any restaurants with what he calls 'break away' chairs... imagine having to think about that when choosing a place to eat? Sad


Probably doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how your coworker feels. My years of obesity were the darkest of my life.


Same, I hated every social interaction for fear of making people uncomfortable or inadvertently breaking something. Even after losing all the weight I'm still constantly on my toes and keep a comfortable distance from people. That was a difficult decade for me.


I’m about 310, was at 340 at my worst and am working on being even less atm. I think about “will I break that chair?” “Can I fit in that booth or arm chair?” “Can I handle that walk?” And at 340, the seatbelt was starting to get snug. Kids, do not drink anything except plain water. No diet soda, no crap added to your water. Just plain water. Filter it, make it cold or iced, figure out if it tastes better out of glass or metal, whatever you need but it must be plain. If you make no other health changes, make that one


I mean anything with plastic I avoid… booths are the devil too. I’ve given every single wooden chair a good shift shake before sitting down on it. I refuse to sit in anything where my legs don’t touch the ground, most of my weight until I’m confident in the chair is still on my legs so this don’t happen. It’s one thing to be fat … another to be fat and act like you’re not. Respect the weight limits on furniture. I’m over the embarrassment aspect of breaking furniture I want to avoid hurting myself.


that is really sad actually


>'break away' chairs Can't believe that they have a term for this concept.


Love how the dude picks it up immediately.


Shit crumbled like a nature valley bar


I love how the guy handled the situation. Good man!


Well, he did then go back to the security footage, probably had a good long laugh with his co-workers, then, understanding it's comedy worth, took the footage and posted it on line for all of us to laugh.


How do we know it was him that posted the video online? Could have been a colleague...


In my experience, for obvious reasons, the plebs generally don't have access to the cam footage. Guessing management.


Yes, the guy handled the situation perfectly. Good man!


It would have been more embarassing if she got a chair leg lodged in her, she's lucky if you ask me.


One of the few times where a patient in the ER isn’t lying when they say “I don’t know what happened?! I just sat on it!!”…


Million to one shot doc, million to one…


So *you're* the Assman.


A lot of these stools are only rated for 250. I had a friend who did power lifting and regularly broke stuff at restaurants.


If there's anything that would convince me to change my lifestyle, a chair disintegrating when I sat on it would be it.


"What do you guys make these things out of?!" Steel....?


Yeah!? Well, you should get it welded better in the corners!


This makes me sad to think of her waking up and finding one of her most embarrassing moments plastered on the internet.


*sorts by controversial*


She saved the landing though, like a cat


That Recovery was Effortless... She's been here before!


I would actually cry and walk out. I just know that would make my eating disorder worse. That would be my villain origin story lol


That looked like a shitty stool regardless of body weight.


At least the force is with her


In her*


I assume you mean gravity.


Tbh this just makes me feel really bad for her- that must be humiliating :(


If this isn’t a wake up call and makes her reconsider her life choices, nothing will. Poor lady this must have been so fucking embarrassing


It could had been worse, one of those chair legs could had gone up some hole.


Or made a new hole.


A whole new hooooole, stuck in a place I never knew


But when it's way up there, I'm kinda scared


That for sure will wake up something


there is always hope


The holy mortifying shame of it.


At least she didn’t fall.


That’s so embarrassing! Imagine how she felt when that happened?


This isn’t her first rodeo.


She casually obliterated that stool.


It fucking crumbled


My cousin weighs over 400 pounds. He learned very early in life to never trust most chairs, stools, benches, etc. I can never understand how someone as large as this person actually thought hurling themselves into a stool was going to end well. Are they newly heavy? First day in a Freaky Friday situation?


God I feel so bad for her


I'd just start putting any other stools in the back room out of harms way


I find her overwhelming faith disturbing.


As a formerly very heavy guy I mean this in all seriousness when I say maybe this is the moment she decides to do something about her weight. It's moments like this that make you feel ashamed for what you've done to yourself. I can only hope this was a moment of realization.


I’m thankful she didn’t get hurt by the posts. :/


i want to hear the guy telling her that "it's ok, this happens all the time" knowing damn well it don't.


Maybe peoples fixation on the obesity topic has nothing to personally do with this individual. Maybe when people see those who are morbidly obese and become upset by it, it is because it is a sign of a society that is beyond excessive. One where instant gratification and pleasure are valued more than personal responsibility. Maybe it is because that is a sign of a culture just as unhealthy as that body. You can call out this disgustingly morbid obesity issue in America without personally shaming people. We are a culture of excess and it shows.


You know what this is embarrassing for her and she should use it as a wake up call but whoever uploaded this to the internet from a security camera is a douche. It’s bad enough that it happened to her now she has to deal with it going viral.


man I feel bad, that must of been so embarrassing.


“Oh don’t worry that happens all the time! Could’ve happened to any of us”


Ikea furniture not built well


"There! Are you happy now?"


She's just watched that Richard Feynman video about magnetism when he's saying "What people don't question is why their hand doesn't go through objects...why they don't just fall through the chair when they sit on it...turns out there are electrical forces that repel and stop you falling through the chair. Those forces are the same forces that explain why you feel a force when you bring magnets together." And she's like "Challenge accepted"


Kindling anyone?


She can be the quality control in a furniture store


God, the stars, my ass all send me signs. If I look down and see a rickety ass looking chair I do not flop my fat ass down on it. First I don’t want to owe you a rickety chair. Second I know that I should lose weight and I don’t need the memory of my ass turning your‘expensive chair’ into fire kindling.


Like sitting on 4 matches.


At least she didn’t tumble over…


I hope that was a wake up call for her.