SIBO and cannabis

SIBO and cannabis


Weed slows down motility and weakens the Les


Thanks for the feedback


I've actually found other sources that say it can strengthen the LES valve (edibles and supplement wise). Same for cbd. However it does slow motility I think but I'd need to double check


I can never tell if it’s from the weed or my insane munchies I get from smoking. Lol


I'm on strict low fodmap rn and I normally feel fine if I'm aware of the fact that I want to eat everything in sight and only let myself eat a normal amount. I really try to make sure it's all low FODMAP too but it's tough lol


Ugh yes. Weed made my symptoms worse


+1 but it can also cause a delayed reaction where symptoms don’t get worse until the next day


It’s a shame because it helped me a lot with my anxiety and now I can’t even smoke a little bit. I tried with CBD and the same happened.


I’m currently on year 3 of my SIBO issues and I easily qualified for medical marijuana in my state. I like to think that it’s helped tremendously with reducing anxiety and combatting frequent nausea. I have been told by a few doctors that cannabis slows motility, but I’ve been taking a few supplements to prevent that. To answer your question, I don’t know if it’s helping or not anymore. If anything, it helps with symptoms, but ultimately will not fix my litany of GI issues. Hope you’re feeling better!