Sad anti-masker karens sob "Me!" "Me"! "Me!"

Sad anti-masker karens sob "Me!" "Me"! "Me!"

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*American woman* ***drives*** *to town hall meeting to* ***voice opinion*** "I feel like I'm living in Saudi Arabia" This joke is too good not to be scripted


“Help help i’m being repressed!”


This is the best comment in here.


“Now I’m no scientist but I definitively know ALL scientists are wrong.” The ole I’m not crazy YOU’RE crazy stance. Nice.


Just look at the data. Look at the data. Have you looked at the data? No? Let me send you some very important scientific information I have: (proceeds to send screenshots of Twitter posts made by no name people wearing a lab coat) "That's what they want you to believe" /s


"Oh I have links and evidence." (fails to produce links or evidence)


It is an amazing way to get in a cheap Rickroll, though. There’s a really great classic video game link, too, and between talking about bullshit science and 90’s video games, I feel like I can get, like, 90% of people. Certainly 90% or Redditors.


You got some evidence to back up those stats bro?




dQw4w9WgXcQ - The only YouTube ID I can remember and associate!


“Thats not real science, real science is memes from my facebook anti vax group”


They tend to exhibit intransigence after a series of goalposts shifting to deflect from their circular logic.


If you don't stay up till 3 am watching controversial youtube paranoia videos, are you even a scientist?


Gravity is just a theory, so... scientists obviously don't know everything... /s


Somebody legit said this to me last week. He really debated gravity.


Because many, many people confuse the concepts of scientific theory and scientific hypothesis.


Look, all I'm saying is if scientists can't figure out the Copenhagen Interpretation, how are they supposed to figure out viral transmission? /s


It's just that lately I get the feeling that I'm not so much being pulled down as I am being pushed


I mean it’s a *theory*. Until that shit gets proven in a white paper and published and the Pope (the real pope Joel Osteen) approves it. I know we’re all sticking to the ground because Satan wants it and Jesus wants us to fly like angels. So for real, if you don’t see a floating person DO NOT TRUST THEM. They’re of the Devil. Can I get an.....???


Dude, the entitlement in this video is intense lol


Cry me a fucking river, these entitled cunts.


you forgot to add "delusional" to entitled I laugh my ass off when they mention Saudi Arabia


These people are fully tik toked


Not an ounce of proto with this wild bunch.


Very low and loose as well.


I had it at "I feel like I'm living in Saudi Arabia"


Yeah I stopped there. These people have no idea what they’re talking about. They have no understanding of the world around them, because to them, they are at the center of it. They’ve also clearly never experienced any sort of hardship, because wearing a mask is the biggest inconvenience they’ve ever known in their lives. I’ve talked to people like this who genuinely thought this was going to progress to concentration camps and forced experimental vaccine trials. I don’t know what they think now, because I don’t talk to them anymore.


I want to be like, "oh my god,I'm so glad you feel that way. We're putting toddlers in literal concentration camps without their parents at the border. There's so much you can do to help..." just to watch their eyes glaze over with disinterest.


DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED. I can’t tell you the amount of prolife people I have spoken to about this, literal children separated from their parents in camps for months. It’s remarkable these people who claim to care so deeply about the welfare of unborn fetuses, see these poor children held hostage in these inhumane conditions, as less than or deserving of this. The hypocrisy is so overwhelming I could spit in their face.


They couldn’t care less about the child after it’s born


Unless the child is gay or trans. Then they care a lot, and not in a good way.


Paraphrasing George Carlin, prolifers will fuss over you from conception to 9 months, and then forget you exist until you reach military age


I 100% agree, I think most of these people have never felt real oppression


I've lived in Saudi Arabia... This is nothing like living in Saudi Arabia. Lmao...the sense on these people...


These are people who have never left the country. They clearly, embarrassingly so, have no idea what they're talking about.


They have never left their hometown more like


That depends: is there a Costco and a Bass Pro Shop in their town? If no, then they've certainly traveled exactly that far from their hometowns.


Yes, I'm sure she hasn't been allowed to drive until last year and can't leave the house without a male relative.


"I dont want my sons 1st birthday party to still have masks. He needs to learn!" Biatch, your kid ain't gonna remember that bday, hell even a few to follow. He's learning to eat/sleep/poop. Not the finer points of society nuances during a pandemic.


Shit, I don't even remember my 10th bday party, let alone the first.


Probably because someone wore a mask to your bday. Do your research! That trauma resulted in you forgetting everything before!


The irony is that if people had just worn masks from the beginning, odds are no one would have to for her kid’s birthday


"The lockdown until July!? sound like a bunch of bullshit to me, like come on, even if everyone gets it, people are gonna die" - A quote that aged like milk lemonade.


My wife gave birth in a mask and this Karen can't wear one in the store?!?


They didn't have me in a mask to give birth last April (c-section), but for the first month of my son's life he was in the NICU and we wore masks every time we were with him. He didn't really get to see our faces, other than a glimpse here and there when it was just the three of us in the room, until we brought him home. He's almost one, and we're not planning a party because there's still a fucking pandemic. My partner and I have our vaccine appointments scheduled through the VA, but in our state the general public is still only getting them if they're 55+ or meet specific criteria.


And don’t forget the harrowing, graphic Kinko’s receipt story! I may never be the same.


I'm sure she also still praises her God Emperor grifter as the chosen one despite him being the mostly openly pro-Saudi Arabian President the nation has ever seen 40% of the country has brain worms


Bored housewives who lives in nice ass homes. Has nice things. Need something to stand for to bring some achievement in their life. And of all things wrong in the world, they chose this? Edit: Thanks u/Shortyrocks256 for the gold! May your day be golden. Edit 2: Thanks u/idekwuta for the silver! Silver bells! Silver bells!


Of course this is what they chose. It’s easy. All they have to do is not wear a mask and act all sanctimonious about it. That’s way easier than having to put work into trying to help solve a real problem.


It's not just that it's the upbringing. These are kids who were never told no by there parents. They only kept friends who can't say no. They settled down with someone who won't say no. Then the day comes where someone says no and they are powerless to do anything about it so it goes right back to the childhood tantrum that got no to go away in the first place. They can't be told what to do because they lose control. It's why they freak out about the most trivial shit, an entire lifetime of controlling everyone around them.


The face that she makes when she utters the word “leper” will forever be a stain in my memories.


My roommate made the same argument. She was being reckless so I tried to keep my distance from her, wash my hands, and wipe everything down a lot. She kept being like "You're treating me like I'm *dirty*." No, there's just a pandemic going on. I moved out


I had a coworker try to make a complaint when I told her to move further away from me and that she couldn't come into my office when she tried to follow me in there. I can't enforce masks, but I can in my office, and she won't put one on. She said that I had no right to make her feel like she was diseased. She *was*. Shortly after that she was out for a couple of weeks because she got covid. Still refuses to wear a mask.


This story makes me happy.


This story makes my heart hurt, because the person I love most in this world is an ICU nurse and has been emotionally traumatized by the shit she’s seen and had to work with in the past year, all because fucking fucktards like her won’t put a fucking mask on.


Exactly. Fuck them. I have no sympathy for people who won't wear masks. I hope they feel like lepers. Theyre basically sociopaths who care more about MuH fReEdOm than if they give people a virus and I bet they NEVER even think about healthcare workers.


It’s been hard for everyone, but especially for those who are medical professionals and their families. I can’t imagine the constant emotional strain and fear that people in that position have to deal with on a daily basis. Tell your friend thank you for her service. She’s on the front line of this fight and there are those out there that truly appreciate the work that she’s doing. We would be in a much worse spot without them.


My roomates would hold parties and such without giving me a heads up during the pandemic. They kept asking why I wear a mask inside and don’t interact with them while doing my work staying in my room


My niece has two roommates. They went to a big unmasked wedding, and brought back one of those wedding gift bags of covid for her to share.




As a college student, college students are the worst.


That's the exact thing, I'm as healthy as can be expected for someone my age so I wouldn't be considered high risk in any way. I wear a mask because my parents are in their 70s and I care about them, and a couple of my siblings have asthma so coughy type diseases aren't good for them.


last sem, there was a huge halloween party that led to the infection of 90 student attendees, let alone any of the faculty/staff/coworkers/family of those 90 people. i’m glad i was scared that week and only attended my classes on zoom and always grabbed takeout from the dining halls to come straight back. shit is scary.


Brah? Come hang, brah! The pandemic is fake, brah, Shelly is coughing a bit but she’s just got a cold, brah.




My one roommate goes to bars 3 and 4 nights a week to play pool and play tourneys. She says nobody wears masks there yet doesn't seem that fazed. And all of my roommates wonder why I don't come out much and am moving out in 10 days...


You should have been like “you are, you fucking pig” and then move out


Thanks for making me feel validated. She had me feeling like the crazy one. I work with Alzheimer's patients so I was just trying not to get COVID and accidentally kill one of them


Thank you for being responsible and letting logic and science take precedence over disinformation and emotion.


My roommate moved out, and she's staying with a friend. Why? Not because either one of us refused to wear masks, but because she works, and I'm disabled. She was worried about making me sick since I'm immune compromised. Not that many people would be willing to do that for a friend.


Hella good friend right there, hope y'all have stayed in touch as the world scorched itself 🙌


She still stops by to check the mail, and so on. She's only a few miles away. When she caught Covid, we just yelled at each other through the bedroom door. She had stopped by to pick up some winter clothing. She's planning on coming back soon, but has to wait for (her) health reasons.


The problem is that people this self centered and shitty usually never get told they are, or if they are told they don't take it to heart.


That's how I feel at work whenever I see someone who wears their mask under their nose or takes it down to talk on the phone or to me. In my head it's logical to think that someone who can't handle having a mask on properly for five minutes while picking up their food is probably like that everywhere they go, making them a higher risk, and not someone I want to spend any unnecessary time around.




That's the thing. The woman in the video was like "they're treating me like im a diseased leper!". Well, you're not a leper, but you (likely) *are* diseased. When they complain that people treat them like they're 'dirty' or 'sick' its because THEY FUCKING ARE YOU MORONS. YOU PEOPLE ARE THE *MOST* LIKELY TO CARRY DISEASE.


But she is dirty isn’t she


Fucking plague rats! I'm glad you got away from that one.


She never considered that people act like she is spreading a deadly disease because she is doing just that.


Her facial expressions are what I have come to expect when I see a privileged self centered person is talking.


Mouth pursed, like the devil's butthole


Ugh, couldn't finish watching. That grin is too much for me.


Kinda makes you wanna show her what a "bitch slap" is, doesn't it?


So trumpesque... gross


Butthole mouth


It really is wild to see how much right wingers instantly adopt whatever phrases or speaking patterns Trump uses on any given day. It's insane to see a full cult dedicated to a man who can't even apply bronzer properly


Even wilder; those are also the kind of people who are constantly going around calling anyone and everyone that wears a mask sheep.


>Excuse me, Ma'am!? "We're treated like we're not even human!"


oi cunt, wear a fuckin' mask bitch. is what every person that was saying that was thinking


And what I said outloud while watching this video.


Actually ma'am, non-humans are not required to wear masks as our primary concern is human to human transmission of a silent disease. So your argument isn't holding water at the moment.


Also "treated like less than a second class human" although everyone is treated the exact same, standing in a purple spot, going to the other place to collect. Notice how nobody mentioned her not wearing a mask. Crazy how some can make theirself a victim in every situation


Yeah, who are these first class citizens that are allowed to not wear masks?


She was worried about a sense of community being lost when she’s the one deciding not to act as part of a community. Lmfao. Dumbass


The pandemic really drove home to me how many people think they're entitled to the benefits of a society even if they don't contribute to it at all. Like civilization is just a thing that happens and not a social contract we're all bound by. I find it immensely depressing how many people don't realize shopping in a store or eating at a restaurant or having access to public services is a privilege we grant people based solely on their ability to not ruin it for others. That their rights stop where other people's begin, and "FREEDOM" doesn't mean a community is obligated to cater to people actively trying to harm it. "Discrimination" is when people want to be good neighbors and are denied the opportunity because of innocuous things they can't change. Someone putting others at risk in a public space is neither innocuous or an inherent, immutable trait, and it's not trying to be a good neighbor, either. Putting a community in danger *should* get you ostracized from it, and the only silver lining here is that enough of us are still good neighbors that people like this feel the sting of backlash for their antisocial choices every day.


They are also really out here forgetting the government dictates and mandates so much of what we already do in our society.


Liar! \- Typed as I was grabbing my driver's license, putting on my seatbelt, and driving to work where I will have to wear a hard hat and harness all day


I'll be god damned if I'm wearing my harness all day. If I'm not within 6ft of a 6ft or more drop that testicle vise comes off immediately.


Fucking-well said.


Exactly! For someone who says she cares about community so much, she's not willing to take on even the slightest inconvenience in the name of civic duty or solidarity. Fucking morons.


Wearing a mask is the simplest act of compassion that you do *for your community*


Imagine being so fucking privileged that THIS is the hill you choose to die on...


Because I WANT this persecution!! I need it. Validate me!!!!!




It's a hobby. They don't get paid.


Not even pros, she tried to cry so many times and croc tears wouldn’t even come out


I saw the same thing. First girl really wanted to shed a fake tear.


> *"Masks are nothing more than a placebo".* I don't think you understand what that word means.




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>> *hackerman* Indeed


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>Ok. Thanks. Don't mind me, just trying it out.


Honestly though, even if masks are just to make people feel better, why not just put it on? >It's dehumanizing Are hats? How about shoes? If the world can't see my shrivelled hanging dong at all times, does that make me a slave to tyranny? >They're taking away my rights (to not wear a mask) They're temporarily mandating another article of clothing in public places. Can't get in without pants either; there is precedent here. Sorry if your breath smells that bad, chew some gum or something


What about sunglasses? i cAn’T sEE yOuR eYeSss!


This line made me think about Japan, maybe just Tokyo. They've been voluntarily wearing masks for years. Some do it to avoid germs, but many do it just to avoid pollen and dust. It's only dehumanizing to those who want to see it that way.


Sadly i'm pretty sure that they know what it means. My mother is among those people so I have a good idea of what their thought processes are like and what reasons they have. Yeah, my mother knows what placebo means and she uses it as an argument to keep me from going to the doctor when I have a problem (ive been having serious heart pains for the past 8 months and she still thinks that if I just "pretend its not there" or "pray harder" or "take magic sugar pills with a very scientific sounding name", it will get better. She basically thinks its all in my head or she believes in wizardry) Now to a certain extent, placebos do "fix" some people by utilizing phycology. But my mother has a hard time grasping that idea that "just because it works in some cases, doesnt mean it works in every case" Now this whole "anti masker" thing is led by a handful of rebellious doctors who have their own idea about the issue and are coming up with different intelligent-sounding reasons that are able to manipulate others out of their common sense. I mean... the only idea that I want to get through to her is "if you wear a mask, you aren't seen as an asshole and if Covid IS real, then you aren't continuing the chain of harm and death. And what is this demanding from you? Just a simple harmless mask" Seeing the defence my mother gives is really something else. She rebuttles that simple argument by bringing up malaria vaccines and saying that this mask is just another way for the government to see how gullible and sheepish their people are. And mainly that it is her freedom to choose wether to wear one or not. My New Years resolution was to somehow find some way to get it through to her to wear a mask. So far it hasn't been too sucessful. I'm really trying to get her mind changed before July starts Wish me luck guys. I feel like like logic isn't doing me any good so maybe luck is what I need.


I'm sorry your mother is dumb and selfish but she's probably too far gone for you to help. Mine is the same way.


This is a comedy sketch, right?


>This is a comedy sketch, right? I have this thought about a lot of things I see nowadays. Quite the world we live in, huh?


>This is a comedy sketch, right? Hate to be the bearer of bad news...


Ah I remember when I was younger and had some faith in humanity too. Miss those days.


If that's what you have to believe in order to sleep at night, then you do you. And honestly, I can't really blame you.


Nope. Just Johnson County, Kansas! Some of the most delusional and entitled people you’ll ever meet


I feel like someone needs to autotune this


What are ‘second class” citizens?


To say "treated like a second class citizen" would imply inequal or unfair treatment despite being a fellow american citizen, but the fact that she said "treated like we are below second class citizens" suggest that she believes there's actually a class of people below her, and that it is unfair for her, as a "first class" citizen, to be treated *worse* than they are.


I would love someone to ask her for an example of a second class citizen.


I can guess...


I think we all know her answer.


Since I didn’t see a serious answer, it was a term used for citizens who for whatever reason has a different set of rules which are worse then a normal citizen. You could argue for example that block people were second class citizens during the era of Jim Crow laws. Literally having a separate set of laws based off the person’s ethnicity. These ladies are not second class citizens. They’re idiots. And they get treated like idiots because of it. All of this criticism is easily avoidable by simply wearing a mask. If they really wanted to avoid wearing a mask, almost everything has remote service or curb side service now. So they truly are being selfish by insisting on going inside without a mask.


Block people




She means black


Her face and tone when she says “diseased lepers” pronouncing it leh-Purrs should give you all the information you need to know about this lady


Honestly, I can’t help but feel hatred for these people.




Like a diseased _LEPER_




*holding back tears*... They had the AUDACITY to tell ME what to do!


WORSE than 2nd class citizens!




I'm guessing she didn't wait for him to say, "Next, please." Just walked up there and spat out her postage needs and exhaled loudly in his direction.


These goons have more sympathy for right wing terrorist spree killers than minority children shot dead from behind through the fence of his own fucking backyard These goons openly praise right wing terrorists who attempted a coup with the goal of killing elected officials that involved beating a cop to death with a fire extinguisher These goons care more about their "right" to endanger poor people forced to work during a pandemic than they do toddlers who die of treatable illness from being born too poor The American right wing and the Republican party is just sick and twisted


If you wanna lose some braincells, checkout r/NoNewNormal.


Man, if these people would all just move to an island and kill themselves it be whatever. You do you. But these folks seriously don't care about how many others they kill. It's so depressing.


I’m starting to think being a Karen is a mental disorder


There's a reason Republicans are so against normalizing talks about mental health and making mental health treatment easier to acquire. The only time you'll ever see a Republican pretend to care about mental illness is when they're trying to defend and lionize the latest right wing terrorist going on a killing spree


"School shootings aren't a gun problem, they're a mental health problem." "So let's solve the country's mental health problem." "... No."


It more than makes sense to hate them they’re either inconceivably stupid or inconceivably indifferent to the lives and well beings of others neither is okay. Fuck them, I wish all these sorts of people would jump in a well and fuck off.


I grew up in Johnson County Kansas, and this doesn't surprise me in the slightest. There's some serious entitlement in some of the more affluent areas.


Yes, and if you remember, we adopted all the face mask mandates and the shutdowns fairly early compared to other Republican states. Im in lawrence and am shielded from the insanity, but wondered what it was like in Joco.


Thanks to the pandemic I hate far more people than I realised.




Both have revealed to me that America is filled with extremely dumb people. Like I'm no rocket surgeon myself, but jesus. As the old George Carlin bit goes: there are some dumb motherfuckers out there. Dumber than a second coat of paint.


I can't help but think that some unknown careless person like this is why my fiance died from Covid. I just heard one of the songs I'd sing to her and I cried so hard. I know it's been hard, but please we're getting so close now. If you can get the vaccine, do it. Either way, please continue to wear a mask until it's safe.


These women have probably never experienced a real “problem” in their entire privileged lives


*At the local Sephora* What do you mean you ran out of MY product!? Where’s your manager!?


This, but unironically. Johnson County, KS is one of the most affluent counties in the surrounding states. She’s probably never actually experienced anything but privilege.


She has been added to my “Punch in the Face on Sight” list. What a waste of toothpaste.


I had an awful day today. "What a waste of toothpaste" put a smile on my face. Thanks for the best part of my day.


She doesn't use tooth paste. It's just propaganda from the dentists as recommendation. How dare they force 2 minutes of my life to stare at my own reflection and brush my teeth like some sociopath. Brushing is for hair and I dont see hair on teeth.


And they call us snowflakes.


I’m so uncomfortable.


I hate her so much.


Im glad they feel this way I really am. People fetishise (if thats a word) being discriminated against and this is a prime example. Boo hoo.


Huge difference in discriminating against someone for something they can't control as opposed to their actions. I cuss all the time but if I'm out in public I wouldn't be surprised if someone refused me service if I was using profanity in their store. We're a year into this and people can't grasp basic logic.


These idiots still can't even grasp the difference between private property and public property


She thinks she is Rosa Parks


Oh no! You're being discriminated for choosing to be a selfish ass-hat and people are being mean to you cuz they don't want to get sick and possibly die? Let me play you a sad song on my tiny violin while you choose to keep victimizing yourself and blaming others for your poor life choices


“I had to WALK to the OTHER SIDE of the counter” my god this woman is the definition of tone deaf


You wonder how they would feel if their surgeon said "Nah, I'm not wearing a mask for your surgery. I usually do, but it's exhausting and I don't feel like it any more."


Imagine being this fucking stupid


> Imagine being this fucking ~~~~stupid~~~~ Selfish and hateful


It's unbelievable. If that was a clip from a movie 5 years ago, I'd be complaining about how unrealistic the writing was.


It reminds me of parks and rec and some of the amazing stupidity of pawnee’s citizens, and how I always thought they were extremely exaggerated m, but uh. Yeah. Nope. Accurate.


Discriminated against, lol




Drunk driver here. I feel your pain. People treat me like a Mad Max villain.


When you think you're the center of the universe, you consider the word "no" discrimination.


We should nornalize throwing rotten tomatoes at public assholes again.


When she says she’s treated worse than a second-class citizen, she means she’s being treated worse than a black person. And that pisses her off because she’s not black, so she “doesn’t deserve that.”


Let's start a movement that says being forced to wear clothes in public is oppression. Why should we have to be forced to wear pants! I find it really hard to walk when required to wear pants and I am tired of the opression! Free your legs people, pants are just an oppressive tool used by the goverment. Next they'll ask us to kill ourselves and because we were compliant with pants we will likely just fall for this act of killing ourselves too. FFS! Put on a goddamn mask or stay the fuck at home. Stop being fucking babies about it.


I SAW HER ONCE. She was screaming at an employee at ross.


How about stop being a dumb bitch?


I feel so bad for her. I can see she is suffering. I am glad that I am not part of the problem here, considering I have had to isolate since last march because I didn't want people to have to worry about feeling outcast while killing me. I hope my loneliness has in some way helped a fellow Karen of hers! Fuck people like this


That lady has a very irritating flaring nose. Please wear a fucking mask.


I swear scientists roll in their graves more every day these people keep on their crap.


those dead Karen eyes