Butterfly being the most publicly accessible record.

Butterfly being the most publicly accessible record.


I’d have to completely disagree. I think it’s very accessible just because it’s in that dream pop genre. I could see this album following the same fate as Work This Time, where they’re added to a big popular playlist because they’re inoffensive and accessible. That being said, that’s not a bad thing, the album is phenomenal.


Idk, I was thinking about sending a song to a friend and struggled with which one would be most accessible. I went with catching smoke but even that is a 6 and a half minute pretty synth heavy song. Accessible for us, sure, but not generically.


I keep trying to tell my friends to give the album a listen and say "if you don't like it, I'm sure one of their others you'll enjoy SOMEHOW!" If anything, my friends seem interested just because of their fun band name lol but I agree, it seems accessible to us but I don't know how much the average listener would say the same thing


I def see both sides, the sound world itself is definitely the most accessible considering the pop sound rn, but this is the Gizzardiest interpretation of that sound as possible. I’m not sure how well the dense proggy layers would land with the average listener, like this music is THICC, but I think a lot more people than usual would vibe with it nonetheless!!


The instrumentals are accessible, the vocals are definitely not. Most people that just listen to top hits would definitely be turned off by the super quiet falsetto vocals if I had to say


Agreed, maybe I'm underestimating the patience of the average listener, but I feel like they would get bored fast listening to most of the album, and it doesn't feel any more accessible as a unit than Nonagon for instance. I do like it personally though, and I feel like Yours and Catching Smoke are pretty accessible in a vacuum. Yours reminds me of early Grimes (niche by pop standards, but there's precedent), and Catching Smoke is, well, catchy.


I think it's half and half, some tracks are definitely pretty accessible (Shanghai and Catching Smoke standing out) while there are some more out there songs that might not reach as broadly (like 2.02 Killer Year or Black Hot Soup feeling like good examples of this)


I think it's accessible for ultra pretentious indie hipsters who worship Radiohead, MGMT, and Tame Impala. Which is like 75% of this sub lol


How much longer do you think you’ll spend crying about this album lol


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Does the 'ultra pretentious' include yourself as well? Rhetorical question.