[James Hoffmann] Stop Putting Coffee In Everything

[James Hoffmann] Stop Putting Coffee In Everything


Haven’t even watched the video yet, but I already know I agree 🤣


I mostly agree too, BUT, there’s one craft brewery near me that, once or so per year, comes out with a fruited sour beer that they finish on whole bean single origin coffee and it’s literally the best beer they make.


Good beer with actual coffee can be very good, though. I'm a sicker for Russian Imperial Stouts and there are quite a few good coffee stouts and dessert stouts with coffee. But 5hey don't use flavorings, they use actual beans and that makes all the difference.


Old Rasputin always had strong notes of coffee, and it was fucking amazing. I need to see if I can find some more... haven’t had it in years.


I’m also a big stout / porter fan, and there are plenty of fantastic coffee-centric ones out there IMO.


The amount of coffee beers I've had that taste like a bell pepper because they don't do literally any research or QA on their recipes is astounding... Fruited sour with coffee sounds pretty interesting, can't say I've seen one of those yet.


A NZ brewery called 8 Wired brewed a batch of their Berliner with cascara (the fruit from around the coffee bean) and it was pretty good! They also do a "Flat White Milk Stout" which is fanatic. Helps that the owner/brewer is a massive coffee nerd too.


He chose a bad example of coffee in beer in this video IMO. I appreciate that if you're not a "beer person" (in the way most of us - and James - are "coffee people") and none of your friends are either, it's not something you'd just know about. But there are some seriously great beers that use coffee as an ingredient in various ways and profiles, and a good number of these involve very good coffee roasters as either the source or as a full brew collab. I hope James can potentially dive into that area a bit more, but if you don't care for dark beers, it's a bit of a non-starter.


Difference is flavoring versus actual beans. Quality beer can be quality coffee stouts for sure!


Yeah, I've had some fantastic coffee stouts


Porter would be another candidate style, but porter and stouts are pretty similar as they go.


And as a beer lover, both are great!


Don't forget about white stouts and blondes -- some of the best coffee beers I've had have been light, not dark.


I haven't seen many of those! Last year I did try a white stout from Northern Monk, but it was white chocolate and mango. I don't think I've seen any light beers that use coffee (aside from a couple of sours, which I'm not a fan of) - got any recommendations of anything that might still be available?


He didn’t have cheese listed!


I hate that idea... But alsooooooo


And coffee candy? A no brainer.


But if we didn’t put coffee in hot chocolate, I wouldn’t have chain coffee shop mochas to drink!


“I like coffee” -James Hoffmann


And the big question: How is coffee flavour made? Now, I want to know as well.


but what about clear coffee drinks? do we know his opinion on them and whether people should keep making them??


We can still have coffee maple syrup, though. Right?


This concept of not tying ones masculinity to the consumption of spicy food is foreign to me.


Based on this, I'd be a woman.


The only stuff I like coffee with is milk, and vanilla ice cream. I don't even like coffee and chocolate, which is a classic flavour combo.


I also like coffee with a bit of cream and don't like coffee with chocolate, but when it comes to baking nothing makes chocolate flavor stand out more than adding coffee the mix. So while I don't like chocolate in my coffee, I do like coffee in my chocolate.


Yeah, feels like buzz-word-it is. Coffee infused everything Bourbon barrel aged everything Red wine flavored everything Chocolate infused everything Sriracha added to whatever All that said, I did love this video. Favorite lines come after he had the chickpeas: “Well! That’s a journey…” “It’s kind of… ‘That’s disgusting, what flavor is that? Oh it’s coffee.’”


James, you should try the coffee ice cream from Haagen Daz, it is very good. Rum Raisin and Coffee are my go-to flavors.


I dislike tiramisu because I'm usually having coffee with dessert. That combo doesn't work for me, and to top it off the coffee flavor is usually made from instant coffee. Maybe I just haven't ever had good tiramisu. Cafe patron on the other hand..


> Maybe I just haven't ever had good tiramisu. Yes


thanks, i'll keep an eye out


The NYT recipe is a pretty good one.


Let me guess, those tiramisu-like desserts you ate were also made with whipped cream instead of eggs and cheap whiskey instead of whatever liquor italians use? People making tiramisu with instant coffee are probably banned from ever travelling to italy, so, yeah, whatever you ate wasnt very good 😂