it's starting to become a chore. everything is.


indeed. Life is becoming nothing and I lose interest in things I love


I feel the same way. I don’t care about anything, not my birthday, not holidays, not even dating either. The only thing I care about is sports and drinking coke. As soon as I lose interest in Coca Cola too just fucking shoot me 😂 Edit: you got me I’m literally a Coca Cola guerilla marketing shill


I feel this hard. The pandemic made it so that I have no real enjoyment out of like anything anymore. I'm perpetually just doing chores and then when I want to switch to unwind time everything still feels like a chore. Playing a game isn't something fun anymore, it's some massive 60+ hour commitment that you have to stick with. Add in that games have gotten so repetitive and monotonous to pad out runtime and it just makes you feel like your precious dwindling time is being wasted for no reason at all.






O fuck


Awwwww, bored? Does someone want a pumpkin stuffed full of raw ground beef to roll around their enclosure?


You’re not playing the right games son




Hello Kitty Island Adventure bruh.


Been really reevaluating why I give any fucks about the things I gave fucks about before. I'm finding it easier to play till I'm not enjoying any more, then do something else. Even if all I did was a low level fetch quest/I got my ass handed to me/didnt complete any objectives etc.. I just wanna run around and pretend to be a space man, or some shit, for a few minutes. I don't feel games require any level of commitment any more, nor do I feel any obligation to play any particular game in any particular way, in general.


Problem is if you like RPGs or similar primarily you’re not really able to do this 😂 My wife and I adore RPGs but stopped playing games basically since you can’t easily pick em up and put em down. That and they’re just kind of anxiety inducing for us anymore since they’re SO involved.


Guys, we might all **ACTUALLY** be depressed 😐


No way. We are just sad. If we stop being sad and look how beautiful the world is the sads will surely go away!


Right there with ya. I got the oculus quest 2 about a month ago. First gaming hardware I'd bought for myself in over 10 years. I enjoy it but most of the time browsing Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, rinse and repeat has somehow become more appealing than choosing between a game I could enjoy but just don't have the time, energy or motivation to get good at.


It is. It’s like I have to find something else to do know like wtf


The problem with videogames is we can consume them faster than they can come up with new ideas and while the stories are different most games in a genre use the exact same mechanics and overall gameplay. I'm not playing another game where I have to ride a horse for 45 minutes to get where I need to go but there's 700 distractions along the way and after playing for 4 hours I still haven't accomplished anything. Is that ultimately my fault? Absolutely, but it doesn't make me enjoy the game any better.


This is mostly mainstream games. A lot of indie games have a ton to offer when it comes to a unique experience


Indie games do usually have the best story but when it comes to the actual engine and gameplay mechanics AAA studios are unbeatable because they have a budget that's infinitely bigger. I honestly don't play games for the story anymore because you can only have so many iterations of emotions and circumstances so they tend to overlap if not outright follow the same formula. I've found a few cool games recently that weren't just sports or strategy games but thats only because I have gamepass, if I didn't have that I doubt I would've spent the money to try out some of the games I have.


I’d argue that AAA studios have more polish because of their budgets, but not necessarily better gameplay mechanics or engines. Compare a game like Kingdom Come: Deliverance to most AAA open world rpgs, and KCD wins by a landslide when it comes to immersion and engaging roleplaying mechanics. What it lacks in polish it more than makes up for in good design and, for lack of a better word, *soul*.


Zelda botw: heavy breathing*


At least you aren't snorting Coke


That might be more fun.


It got boring too


Try switching to diet cocaine


Ew, ketamine


Mmmm ketamine. And whippets! My lifeline...


On National Blunt Day of all things, this conflict will not stand


Wait you can snort it??


That's step 2


I stopped caring about video games at a certain point in my 20’s. Just moved on to other things, (music, art, etc.) every time I try to go back to them I’m bored in like 5 min. Not trying to dis I think video games are dope but I just can’t see the point anymore. Other things in life take precedent. Maybe one day it will change


If you're able to, perhaps you should schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. The inability to derive satisfaction from any activity, even those that used to interest you, is called anhedonia, and it's one of the main symptoms of clinical depression.


Why the downvotes? This is genuinely good advice. Leagues better than suggesting smoking pot if you are depressed lmao.


i did that, got diagnosed, got a therapy approved and paid by my insurance. but i am still depressed and cant enjoy things. lately i almost completly stopped gaming due to it. its not appeling anymore. i rather do sports now atm. but for me times are always changing. it will soon be satisfying me again and soon after it will become a chore again. thats how my life works with recurrent depression.. therapy doesnt help and all the drugs i got prescribed either helped only for a short time, didnt help at all, or fucked up my body with side effekts. best thing is do take a break for a few weeks from gaming and come back to see how it feels again....


For real. I try to use that in my own life to find things that do matter. Then I just remind myself of the futility of existence and we are nothing more than another animal.


Does it feel like the future is fucked so why even try? I get that a lot


Ah, my old friend apathy. We go way way back.


smoke weed evetyday


Yeah, that doesn't really fix anything


I started smoking weed again 3 weeks ago and now it does nothing for me :/ Same with alcohol.


Weed has caused this problem for me. Now I'm numb and looking into RC's just to capture some sort of different feeling in this existence, even if it's bad.




That gets boring too


You just gotta find the right one


So, happy 40th?


Too many games have daily/weekly quests, log in rewards, etc. That you get that sense of fear of missing out if you don't partake and then it feels like a job. And when you throw an actual job, family and responsibilities on top of that, it's just not the same as when you were young.


That is why I quit animal crossing, brought it at the start of the pandemic and now its just a chore, go on everyday, water the flowers, talk to everyone.. No thank you, I want a game like that where I don't have to collect weed, fix my hair and get belitted by eveyone for just having a hard week where I couldn't play.


That was my experience too. I played for about four months straight, basically every day. But then I realized it was actually stressing me out with all of the obligations that you have and I just quit cold turkey and felt so relieved. I can't handle it, need something I can just do on my own time. This is also why I can't play MMOs anymore.


Yep. I bought a FF14 collection with all DLCs 5 months ago. Played it for months then dropped it because theres just so much to do with so little time I have. I'll go back to it eventually. But it's so hard to get into video games the older I get. I only like to play single player video games that focus on the story.




That's why I quit WoW. Sure I could grind dailies and farm mats, or I could get into a guild and raid, but either of those sound like another job at this point and I'm just not interested in that.


Remember the good old days when you raid for 6+ hours straight on Saturday for one single raid? Now my Saturday is cleaning the house and grocery shopping.


Destiny in a nutshell. God I love that game, especially the raids. But jesus that game demands so fucking much from you. And if I choose to take a break from let’s say Dark Souls, God of War, Breath of the Wild etc. I don’t have to worry about the fear of missing out. But with Destiny... Taking a break feels awful. Especially when you see everyone talking about the new content. Then I download it again, get my chore list, grind quests/chores and the vanguard/crucible/gambit playlists. And then realize why I stopped playing to begin with lmao. It’s a shame cause I legitimately love EVERYTHING about the game. Plenty of lore to read about, gameplay fucking rocks, and being a cool ass space soldier/wizard/rogue/. I personally think most of the environments are one of the hands down best I’ve ever seen. Raids for the most part have been unlike any other experience I’ve ever had. The high demand for quality communication and teamwork makes things tense. But so rewarding at the same time. At the end of the day that game becomes its own hobby however. Seriously eats up your free time. At some point Destiny 2 was the ONLY game I was playing. The grinding legitimately becomes exhausting tbh. Thats why I stopped playing (or am just taking a break and might relapse lol). Sorry for the rant.


Man I'm in the exact same boat, i love destiny but god i hate grinding and FOMO. The worst part is when they remove story content imo, D2 right now is a book where the author has ripped out the entire first half, and several random pages from the remaining chapters because they wanted to make space for new chapters instead of just writing them in a new book. Ill even go so far to say that i preferred content droughts from the old days of games, because at least the content that did drop always hung around, and you could play it at your own pace, as opposed to it being drip fed over an entire 'season', and vanishing soonafter. Still salty about missing out on a ton of cool shit between shdowkeep and beyond light because i got too busy with college to pick up the controller.


I want to get back into the game and do interesting shit without the dumb grind to have enough power to do it. Last time i played was during that rasputin expansion and those gimmicky builds in that season were soo much fun. The game was really satisfying... But so much grinding demand


This is why I'm still just playing age of empires 2.


I have always had a great pc, my steam library is full of hundreds of games, yet I haven’t played a pc game in god knows how long. That being said I play on my switch a few times a week when I have the time because the games are just fun. I think you just gotta find the right games. I don’t care for online multiplayer games anymore. Just find those fun games for you.


What games would you recommend?


Like waiting for GTA online to load ? Stopped playing cause it felt like a chore


They fixed GTA online loading times a few weeks ago.


They? A random guy on the Internet fixed it. They are a company with 2000 employees and they couldn't fix it in 7 years.


It's not that they couldn't, they just didn't care enough to try.


Yeah, I should have said they implemented what a random guy fixed :-P


No such thing as a casual fps anymore. It's all about maximizing your engagement for maximum profits.




Old school Counterstrike also had a completely different vibe to it. The whole competitive queue thing didn't exist, so everyone would go find out their favorite servers and have fun playing together without trying to worry about rank and all that crap. It was always such a good time and I miss the whole community vibe you could find, even as a kid who wasn't that good at the game. It felt more like playing with a bunch of friends who wanted to have fun than current games, where you just feel like you're being stared by a bunch of people with megaphones ready to tell you how godawful you are at all times.


my advice.....go for a walk. Im not some happy normie telling you its easy to not be depressed. I've been heavy on depression and suicidal thoughts the past month now. I've started taking walks the last couple weeks and it helps my brain gain some interest in video games again. Avert your eyes when people walk by and pretend they're not there if that's what you need. don't even bother driving anywhere just walk around the block. I took two walks today. second one at 8pm and I walked for a whole hour just because the misery of going back to my apartment to be alone was too much. if you feel like crying, try to do so. I've read your suppose to and its suppose to help. Try and drink enough water and eat proper. honestly, I just feel like that Simpsons bit wjere the old man saw Homer crying and asked if he could join.


Walking is great. When I lived by the ocean I never got bored waking there, now I have to be a bit more creative since I'm just waking around suburbia. For me gardening has been a big help too. Being outside for me is key. Sometimes just getting in the car and taking a 45 min ride through the countryside is therapeutic. Most of my game playing is Warzone, overwatch or other games I can drop into and play for an hour or two. RDR2, GOW, Horizon, Spider Man, Ghosts of Tsushima, BOTW are games that have kept me going for story driven games. We are kind of in rut right now IMHO. The new systems were the focus, not the games


Walking got boring after the 10th time. I'm seeing the same houses because I've already walked every street and it's also becoming a chore. And I can walk for only so far to see new places.


Great advice, ever since I started lifting weights and walking my depression died down. honestly crying helps so much too. Sometimes for me Its like post nut clarity. Maybe I'm just wired more differently, but after a good cry from stress I have more energy, im more clear minded, feel happier, and more motivated to get things done. Not sure if crying is supposed to do that, but it does that for me!


The games just suck now. They get rushed out and they count on hype and preorders to carry them before people realize how bad they are. Indy games are where its at lately.


I'm going through this again right now. The dreaded search to find something that I want to do.


If you have a backlog of old games, play those. Now that we have jobs and responsibilities, the thought of starting a new game makes it not to enjoy that game. I choose single player titles that can be beaten in less than 20 hours. I don’t want to play AC: Valhalla. I read that game it very long for no reason. Play something else. Stardew Valley for example. It’s one of those relaxing games. P.S. I don’t hold responsibility if you start Stardew Valley and get addicted.


I don't understand why Stardew Valley is recommended as a relaxing game. The weekly gift-run to everybody and the "I need to turn this is in before season ends otherwise I'll have to wait one full year", combined with the preparation towards yearly events overwhelms me. I understand that my gaming OCD is probably the problem, but I still can't help but feel overwhelmed when playing Stardew Valley. EDIT: also don't get me started on that twin stick shooter arcade game. The pure rage that thing manages to create...


And now those Mr Qi challenges are hard AF. Definitely stress me out lol


My back log goes back to Astyanax on NES. I need more lifetimes to get through it all.


It annoying ain’t it


It's a general advice but the 'do a break' one is really great. I had this too but since I've been working 24/24 for like 1 month I just want to play a video game now




You're recommending games that need a Gung ho, "get shit done," trial and error till it's done mindset. To a subreddit centered around futility, despair, and self-worthlessness.


honestly all the things that would be fun have lost all the affect they had on me when i was bored and now im just struggling to keep my mind straight n stuff i miss when youtube and all the other things made me enjoy my day


Over the past couple of years I got into reaction videos (movies, games, tv shows, etc) because even though I don't actually enjoy doing any of these things, I still somewhat enjoy seeing other people enjoy and have strong emotional reactions to stuff. Seems kind of fucked up, but what you gonna do.


"If you cant make your own serotonin, getting some second hand from reaction videos is fine."


I think it's more like the primary serotonin circuit in your brain isn't doing much, but you can find a workaround by engaging the "social/vicarious experience module" in your brain which is still somewhat online, and get your hit through that somewhat more circuitous route.


-Abraham Lincoln


-- Michael Scott


I feel you


To to a professional and check if you have clinical depression, because that sounds like it.


Depression is like a leech, sucking out all your motivation. Sometimes I play videogames and push through in game chores (finishing that building in Minecraft or something) to hype myself up for real chores


It’s not always depression, though. Lots of people don’t enjoy the things they enjoyed as kids/teens.


Ofc that can be so, but it can also be depression. If the choice I have is to hope it's just be growing up and ignoring that I have depression - I'll take the patch to get it checked out before it gets worse. Depression is a illness you'd want to kill off before it get's to stew for years as it will often only get worse untreated.


why aren't these fun anymore why do I feel numb




Probably oversaturation. Do anything too often and it loses its luster.


You're right I've been doing this life thing so long it's got no luster


Big fucking mood


That and the bits of luster left are all just temporary distractions before we all just die.


Right? Like can't I just have a day off?


Didn’t have time for video games for a few months bc work really rapped up. Finally got through it and redownloaded MH:W since the Rise trailer just dropped and I wanted to try it again after getting burnt out the first time Sunk 100h into it over a month, just bought the DLC and I can’t wait to get back at it after work this week.


Indeed, My interest in anime died out, so i spent the last 3 months not watching anything, and now im getting back into it


I need to do this; I've taken like 3 years off now since I got so burnt out. I was watching like 20-30 shows a season for about 5 years and then just stopped cold turkey.


This can help. And the best part about taking a break for a while when you come back a bunch of new shits around to binge. Wish I could just sit it out for a handful of shows im enjoying.




Yeah for me it was like the career and video games kind of blended together. Video games began to feel like work, but on the plus side, I started treating my job like a video game and getting ahead.


Nah dude, it’s different for me. I work like 55 hours a week. Coming home tired af and can’t play. When I get to play, can’t even make it 2 hours without getting bored.


I don’t mean to assume, but to me that sounds like you’re exhausted from overwork, making it hard to enjoy things.


No you’re right. It just sucks to see myself get faded like that.


We are 30. The magic is gone like Peter Pan grown up. That and I hate fucking paying for in game upgrades to compete with the punk-ass kids.


It’s really fuckin sad. Im 45 now and while I still do enjoy gaming a bit it’s not the same. For example some buddies and I will play for an hour or so online, a little Destiny or Wreckfest, and we’re all over it *way* sooner than I expect. I bought and oculus quest 2 (super hot is amazing) but again 20 min or so and I’m def done. Haven’t even finished half life.


Been happening a lot lately. This whole staying at home thing burnt me out on a lot. Video games, TV, books, comics. I can't do anything anymore, besides watching anime but that's just me being a weeb. Even that's loosing it's luster.


I'm 25 now and I've found over the last few years it comes and goes. Sometimes you're really into it. Sometimes you need to do something else for a while


Because you are bored, do something else. Literally anything else, ask people for books to read that may have similar stories to the games you like, start teaching yourself that instrument you always wanted to play, build a model kit, start running in the evenings. Find something other to do than play video games 100% of the time, I'm not saying stop playing games I'm saying deliberately make time to do something else for an hour or 30 minutes and it will break up the monotony in your brain. ***Here's the problem*** your brain doesn't know how to get what it wants, video games used to give you the 'feel good chemicals' when you accomplished something in them. Now that feeling has worn down and you can't get the same 'kick' from the same accomplish. However, your brain still wants that kick and the only place it knows to get it is video games so you continue compulsively playing them which only makes you spend more time in that activity getting less kicks and reducing how much each kick feels. You are over-simulated on video games and your brain needs some other way to feel accomplished, which is why I mentioned the other activities. Those aren't the only things you can do, you can do literally anything that you feel even marginally interested in, doesn't matter at all what it is, just anything there's some thought about in your head that "hey that could be interesting." Set aside time to do that thing, it may take a few times for it start giving you the 'good chemicals' but it will. And again, you don't have to quit video games just make time for something else to get some balance.




Then you probably need professional help because the world is varied enough that your brain can't be bored of literally everything in life, that's not 'boredom,' in my opinion its depression or something similar. I am not a psychiatrist so don't take medical advise from me but I believe that is a deeper problem. However, please take the time to really try something. I'll use music for example, a hobby I picked up when video games became 'too boring.' I had this vision of myself being able to play this particular song, and working towards the goal of being able to play that song kept me going. My brain was accustomed to easy kicks, I wanted to load up a game and take my character bouncing around the map and have a great time. I wanted the "good feelings" to start by just clicking a few buttons and watching the images on my screen move. But most other things in life aren't that easy and you have to work a little harder for that sense of accomplishment. I kept working towards that song I wanted to play and eventually learned it and others. Now I have music as a outlet in addition to video games or other hobbies. Of course hobbies aren't the end all be all, we can talk about social life and personal connections too. But if your issue is just that "video games suck now" my advise is find a new hobby to stimulate your brain and if literally nothing simulates your brain you may need therapy/


For me is was a change in genre. I played FPS and MMORPGs almost exclusively. Got exhausted with the constant and never ending grind. Then I tried out Stardew Valley and absolutely lost myself in the world. It completely renewed my passion for gaming.


Cause there has barely been anything truly new or creative in years, and everything that was supposed to be fell so far short of expectations that it ruined any part of it that was. So now we are stuck playing games that are so similar to games before that we have become desensitized to the parts that we used to enjoy.


I mean, I kinda dug myself into this pit by playing the same 2 games for 4,000 combined hours


Undertale saves me when I feel this.


this game called everhood came out a little while ago and i loved it! some people say it’s similar to undertale, but it’s got some rhythm game elements to it too. might be worth checking out if that sounds fun to you!


[Relevant Music](https://youtu.be/wJWksPWDKOc)




ight I’m heading out


You just faced me with the truth I've been trying to escape from :(


Soon nothing will be enjoyable and then life will become pointless again, as always have been.


Yup. What an existence


Stop there's been a slump in games that actually deliver. You gotta find a niche game or something until after the pandemic is over. Cyberpunk was a huge letdown on launch it's hard to get behind something fun when everything is online and competitive. Good stories are hard to come by that are engaging. Just played through titanfall 2 for the 3rd time and had just as much fun as the first so many years ago


I've been having more luck going back and playing games I grew up with and haven't played in 10-20 years. Got a GameCube emulator started NFS: Underground again, been streaming THPS 4. Beat the original Paper Mario recently. Got a good dose of nostalgia and they're good games.


Why don’t you take a break? You might get your flame back if you take a break from it :)


I know but nothing else to do


Sometimes doing anything just feels impossible


yeah I feel that


bro why do i play em even anymore. i just wanna deinstall but idk


How about trying something new, like a new hobby or activity or whatever? Or even going back to something you like but stopped doing? I think taking a break is absolutely a good idea, or even cutting the time you spend playing video games. It worked for me, at least. I explored board games and am now basically obsessed with them. I also try to read a book from time to time. Anything that isn't gaming is super refreshing.


Yeah...I'm not into the whole "doing things" thing.


Yeah I like to lie in bed with a feeding tube and have all my waste taken care of as to minimize the amount of calories I expend


This is the dream. Also a lower carbon footprint.


The dream is to have never existed.


I was going to say the same thing! I know everyone enjoys different things but I told myself I need a couple of new hobbies that don't involve starting at a screen, as I do enough of that at my job. A couple things I've picked up (and surprised myself by enjoying) are yoga, running, and knitting! Never thought I would be a knitter but I love doing hands on things and it ended up being a really great way to pass the tinet. I still struggle to find the motivation to get up and do these things but I find that it puts less pressure on me to enjoy video games or watching tv when I'm just really not in the mood. Strange how time (and responsibilities, growing up, etc) causes us to lose interest in the things we used to love. Hang in there guys!


Try actually doing nothing. Like, go outside and meditate in the woods for extended periods of time. Just existing with little to no stimulus beyond nature can really help center you. If it doesn't work, spend longer and then do it again. Our brains can get overstimulated and burn out after a while. Resetting can be done with lots of sleep, water, and meditation.


This is the best thing I've seen in this thread. So often we put pressure on ourselves to feel like we have to be doing something productive at all times. Like we're wasting our lives if we aren't doing something we greatly enjoy or something that improves our lot in life. My mental health thrives when I do nothing. I get on my bike and ride through the woods. I just listen to the animals, feel the sun and wind, smell the trees. Simply absorbing the natural world around us can bring us back when we get too wrapped up in society and the modern world.


Honestly something as simple as taking a walk will make you feel better. I know it isn’t a cure all and I’m sure many people respond w that but it’s just a suggestion that usually makes me feel better when I’m too depressed to be interested in my hobbies. I’m not big on working out so when I put the effort to be healthy it’s like a serotonin boost and I’m proud of myself for putting in effort. Then I reward myself with game time if I feel it again.


Have you tried masturbation?


I've had this feeling before, just stop playing for a bit. Cook or do tasks around the house. Or just watch tv and drink a beer and pass out.


Get into doing something else then! There's loads of cool tabletop games and communities in just about every area of the US and UK and really anywhere if you look hard enough. Get a decent bicycle and take it out for rides, you'll be amazed at how much more fun it is to ride a decent bike and right now all over the world cities are pouring money into bike centric entertainment. From offroad trail rides, to smooth flow tracks in urban areas, or just smooth paved dedicated paths for walking/riding on are just about anywhere even remotely urban. It's a lot of fun and you can meet some really nice people if you start to get into it but it's still super fun to do alone. Take up bird watching, and quickly realize there's way more birds around you of different types than you would have thought. Fishing is super fun once you start to get a hang for it, it has a lot of the same satisfaction gaming does, and is generally good for you if you're not drinking the whole time lol.


I took a month break and when I came back everything felt the same


Yeah I took a year off and came back and it’s still the same.


Thirding this. Gaming just feels so less magical anymore vs when we were kids tbh.


I was in the same boat. I stopped trying to play big games like RDR2, Skyrim, etc- seemed too long and aimless. Started playing simpler games like Hades, Blasphemous, and Hollow Knight which rekindled my love for video games. Maybe try something different?


Ye but I don’t like most things


Play Celeste, trust a stranger. Incredibly fun, and relatable


Demos! You get to try something new without monetary investment. It’s really worth it.


Hollow Knight killed me. I liked the story and regular gameplay so much, but the bosses were just too hard. I'm not a kid anymore and I can't spend hours trying to beat a single boss. It's not enjoyable and I don't have that kind of time. I ended up having to quit it for my sanity. So depressing.


I just quit playing a game last January. I have been playing it for the last 2 years and I just got so tired. It felt like a chore.


This started 2-3 years ago for me. Its been a slow process of me losing interest and not enjoying games, and I barely play them anymore. They just aren't that enjoyable. Part of this though is that big studios keep dropping unfinished or dogshit games which has left me with little excitement for upcoming titles. The gaming community doesn't help either. I found other hobbies and they've helped a lot. I got really into board games and warhammer 40k like 2 years ago and that hasn't died yet for me, just gotten stronger tbh. Just try something new, ideally something creative or physical. I found doing things with my hands feels endlessly more enjoyable and fulfilling than video games ever did.


For sure, this rings true for me as well. I love learning more about hobbies I've neglected for a bit. I've done some photography over the years and just got some new lights and a book on posing models. It's been a real eye opener for me, and a lot of the joy I was missing in that hobby has returned. Video games are kind of the same way. After dragging myself through the unfinished mess that is cyberpunk, picking up Hades was an utter joy. Such a well made, condensed and polished experience. And there are lots of great indie games out there too! Cool little experiences.


Take a break, guys. We are home for over a year, it's saturated.


But I've been like this since 2017


you probably just grew up


Try valheim


I’ve been playing it for a while, I have like 6 hours on it rn and I stg everything feels so tedious to the point where I’m raging when my stamina runs out. Ig I’m too impatient for that game. It’s a shame because I love games like rust and minecraft but seems like valheim just doesn’t quite click.


I totally feel you. Especially nowadays when it feels like there’s a million new games you “have to try” each month. I feel like going from fortnight to cyberpunk to fall guys to valheim to whatever is next just gets overwhelming and depressing. I recently unpacked my GameCube and gba from the closet and am going back through some of the games I grew up on, especially the ones that have kind of been more forgotten by time. It’s definitely making me remember what it was about games that I loved in the first place.


Don't let the flame die out?? Easier said than done😞😣


I'd recommend some things - Not playing games as chores, have "free time" not "game time". - Avoid playing competitive games alone, it's all fun with friends but those types of games alone make me feel like it's just a waste of time after a game session. - Play games you want to play, not necessarily the ones you "must" play, it's a hobby not a chore, lately I've been trying some ancient fps games and having a blast. - Try other genres of games you've not tried much, MMOs always captivate me. -- i hope some of those tips help, sorry for the formatting as I'm on phone, and i hope your gaming flame gets resparked


This has been me lately but I’m pretty sure I’m depressed


Anytime I feel this is with online multiplayer nowadays. I then just get back on RDR2 and be a crazy outlaw.


Same. I can't play multiplayer games at all anymore unless they're co-op with my brother or a friend. Single player is the only thing that I can play anymore and even then I don't play them much.


I love how this post could also be a reference to Dark Souls in general


Not my fault when the devs mishandle their game and the lack of good changes or new content makes the game incredibly difficult to enjoy


It's happening to me right now so I thought fuck it: let's make a game Now im working on APast, a weird 2am thought I had when I was 14 Downside is that it's currently midterms and I have the worst possible timing


I still enjoy them, but my carpal tunnel syndrome is really doing its best to ensure I no longer do


i get most of my fun from playing with friends. but even then sometimes it gets boring


you had your fun. things you have fun with too much gets stale after a while. you have over saturated your brain with it. and also when you realize there is no real progression/reward you don't feel rewarded and thus making it unfun.


Not even fallout 3 can excite me anymore :(


Fuck, I’d hate that. Fallout 3 was my first game I purchased (with my mom’s ID) and love it so much. I hope you get your flame back.


Valheim sparked my fire again


I've been like this for years but I got a switch recently and have been playing the shit out of Breath of the Wild, Stardew Valley and Hades.


I played war thunder all night word to the wise take a break every once in awhile and if you play the USA line don’t sleep on the M4A3E2


Just returning to the 2000s era when companies like EA actually cared about their games.


Same thing happened to me, so I started to plant trees. I'm now trying to make a food forest on my front lawn. Just like a regular forest, only everything inside it is edible. It's fun.


Once I realized that real life was the new game, success came at me at every turn.


Can I return that new game if I don't like it?




Yup, this is what I'm starting to do now since I'm sick of not owning a place at the age of 30.


Lol you got the right mentality my friend. Also the stock market is the greatest game of them all.




I've been struggling with this for years now. Very, very few games can keep my attention these days.


For me it was opportunity cost. I've realized I could be doing other things with my time that would make me happier: focusing on health, learning something new, working with my hands, etc. I don't play nearly as often, but the times I do, I still enjoy it.


might be time to start doing drugs. Nothing better than having my face stolen and then playing 7-12 hours of gta.


The most gen z post I've ever seen.


Nah bro you'll feel like this for a bit and then out of nowhere you find yourself addicted to playing again


Just start playing league, you’ll stop enjoying gaming almost instantly /s


I play video games about 5% as much as I did in my teens and early 20s. But I enjoy them even more because of it.


You may be slipping into depression. As someone who live in Alaska for 4 years this would subtly happen over the winter. ( zero sunshine ) I have had this happen enough times to know that I was getting depressed. It happens slowly not all at once. Your spark can definitely come back friend. I have tips if you are interested.


Damm you maybe right. I am sad most of the time


I am sorry to hear that, but the good news is that it is reversible. It also is not something that will happen over night it takes work but I have been through what you are talking about. MANY MANY TIMES.


I see, yeah


Diet and exercise are the things that will help you the most. Your brain and gut are directly connected, if you eat processed foods that will hamper your your gut brain, same with caffeine, booze, and any kinda drug. I have done many drugs and they only temporarily help and make things harder in the long run. I have more tips if you are interested, but usually when people are in this headspace usually get defensive and don't want help. But if you want it I am here to help.